Yamazaki Single Malt 12 Year & Hibiki Japanese Harmony Suntory Blended Whiskey Bundle


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1 bottle of Yamazaki Single Malt 12 Year Whisky 750ml & 1 bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony Suntory Blended Whisky 750ml. 

Yamazaki 12 Year’s golden whisky boasts complex aromas and superior drinkability. The nose features hints of fruit, including peach, grapefruit, pineapple and candied orange, along with spices such as clove and orange. This whisky also has notes of rich coconut and tart cranberry, while the long finish features spicy ginger and cinnamon.

Suntory's latest release is a harmonious blend of over 10 malt and grain whiskies that display all the elegance and complexity we've come to expect from Suntory. The Hibiki range perfectly exemplifies the best and most unique qualities of Japanese whisky. In addition to choice single malts selected from both the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries additional corn-based grain whisky was included in this blend from Suntory's Chita dstillery. Over five different types of casks were used most significantly used American oak, Sherry casks and ultra rare Mizunara Japanese casks. Notes include clementine, raw honey, white peach, delicate oak spices, sowed grains, and more.

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