Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Historic Barrel Entry #18


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In 2004 the Woodford Reserve Distillery introduced a new era of innovation to the historic Kentucky Bourbon industry with the first release of its Master’s Collection, “Four Grain”. For this 2022 release Master Distiller Chris Morris and Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall have drawn upon the rich history of Kentucky Bourbon and their own interests for inspiration. When “new make” Bourbon is entered into the barrel it begins the maturation process.

There are many factors involved in this and barrel entry proof plays an important role. Proof is controlled both as it enters the barrel (barrel entry proof) and as it leaves the barrel (bottle proof) by adding water to achieve a desired flavor profile. A higher concentration of water added as it enters the barrel, resulting in a lower proof, allows for less water to be added upon exit, which results in a greater concentration of the natural flavors absorbed from the charred oak. Barrel entry proof has changed over the past two centuries. The bourbon of the 19th century had a barrel entry of 100 to 103 proof. After the repeal of Prohibition, barrel entry proof levels began to increase.

In 1962 the barrel entry proof was increased to the present 125 proof standard. This 2022 Master’s Collection features the 100 proof entry of a bygone era and is presented at 90.4 proof. The result is this Historic Barrel Entry, a rich and darkly robust expression of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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