William Larue Weller Bourbon 2015 134.6 Proof


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Nose: Baked cinnamon, vanilla, and hints of orange citrus notes. In comparing the Weller 12 to this year’s BTAC release, the Weller 12 has a lighter, fruitier nose.

Taste: Earthy and rich with less fruit in than the nose would indicate. A quick flash of hard candy sweetness then a hint of fruits like cherries and orange citrus mix with the vanilla. The mouthfeel on this Weller is full and slightly oily for a second, until the candied sweet heat kicks in.

At 134.6 proof, this is not a release to be trifled with, so water is a must, especially if you plan on drinking anything else or tasting for the rest of the day. You will probably need to keep adding water progressively until you have dialed the rocket thrust down to a level you are comfortable with.

Finish: Slow, spicy, heat that comes on after the hard candy sweetness starts to fade. A bit of corn husk appears as the spicy heat fades

Uncut and unfiltered, this hand-bottled bourbon is barrel proof. Weller substitutes wheat for the traditional rye grain, a production method pioneered by W. L. Weller.

Fragrant scents of caramel corn, new leather, plums, light toffee and pipe tobacco. The palate tastes of marshmallow, salted almonds, nougat, figs and dates. This whiskey finishes smooth, composed and flavorfully sweet.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Year: 2015

Proof: 134.6 Proof

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