Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Unforgotten Kentucky Straight Bourbon


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The idea of marrying the straight Bourbon and Rye whiskies of Wild Turkey
Distilling co. was born in 2010 when a crew member accidentally mixed a batch of young rye with a barrel of mature bourbon. Upon tasting the comingled whiskey, master distiller Eddie Russell realized he had something very special on his hands and the serendipitous mishap was quickly forgiven, though the liquid was never forgotten.

Over a decade later, Eddie has leveraged his years of distillation experience to craft master's keep unforgotten, a high proof, extra-aged variation of the harmonious blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskies.

Mature 13-year-old bourbon provides a backbone of caramel and oak, which is complemented by flavors of dried fruit, honey, black pepper and baking spice from the 8 and 9-year-old ryes - some of the oldest rye ever released by Wild Turkey. To perfect the liquid, the harmonized blend was transferred back into rye barrels for a secondary aging period in the pre-prohibition Rickhouse B - the favorite Rickhouse of Eddie's father, master distiller Jimmy Russell.

The extra aging time in rye casks imparts notes of fresh fruit that are rarely exhibited in such mature liquids, honoring the storied history of American rye production, while offering a distinct experience that is sure to surprise and delight.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Includes Blue Display Box


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