WhistlePig The Boss Hog VII/I - The One That Made It Around The World


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Finished in all four casks from The Boss Hog VII & VIII: Spanish Oak, South American Teakwood, Single Island Philippine Rum Barrels Aged 7 & 10 Years.

Envejecido en Andalusia, Espana

Each bottle accompanied by two hand cut Danforth pewter toppers depicting Magellan and LapuLapu in their final battle.

Following LapuLapu’s victory in the Philippines, a sole surviving ship from the Magellan-Elcano expedition returned to Andalusian Spain, completing the world’s first circumnavigation. Five hundred and one years later, the boss hog makes its own epic landfall with The One That Made It Around the World.

To create this ridiculously rare “B-side” of The Boss Hog, eleven barrels of The Boss Hog VIII encountered all four barrels from the VII/VIII sequel. Aged In Andalucia, Espana, the whiskey was lost at sea in the spring of 2022. WhistlePig celebrates its happy recovery with a set of limited edition toppers inspired by the battle of resistance. 

Bottle Size: 750ml
Includes Black Display Box

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