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One of WhistlePig’s oldest whiskeys, Estate Oak Rye is for the true connoisseur of Rye. It takes its name from our Vermont Estate Oak, where it finishes its long, 15 year life. Sustainably harvested right off our 500-acre farm, the wood has more rings than the standard American oak used in whiskey barrels, imparting more flavor during maturation. Custom toast and char profiles takes the flavor even further, just like a perfectly toasted marshmallow. Hitting the bottle at 92-proof, the liquid is assertive and wise beyond its 15 year age statement. A pure expression of Vermont’s finest, our favorite way to enjoy WhistlePig 15 Years is fireside on a crisp evening with a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

Appearance: Deep amber-bronze. Easily the darkest of the three.

Nose: WhistlePig 15 Years Old Estate Oak Rye has Oak, vanilla, orange peel, herbs, not straight-out dill, but softer. Caramel, apple, cherry. Mellow and oaky.

Palate: Butterscotch, sweet cherry, cinnamon spice, rye spice, oak, toast, hint of leather. Lovely silky body.

Finish: Dill and caraway, oak, leather.

With Water: Soft and mellower.

Overall: Mellow, elegant, not a huge puncher, but smooth and delicious.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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