Vampyre Vodka

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Legend has it that vampires once roamed the streets of London. As night fell upon the city they were drawn to pubs in search of a way to quench their unyielding thirst. To protect their patrons, these pubs sought ways to satisfy the needs of these nocturnal creatures.

 Only the finest spirits would work to please the palate of their distinguished guests. Vampyre Vodka became the choice among these unearthly travelers. Over time this pure triple distilled vodka took on an unsettling red color, with a flavor more succulent than any other vodka. Beware of those who drink the red, they are not what they appear to be…or better yet, join them and unleash the possibilities of the night.

 “The appearance is, what a surprise blood red! A dry, breakfast cereal-like bouquet of minor consequence. The palate entry is actually quite nice as the grain mash taste remains clean and dry to off-dry; the mid-palate shows a pleasant, zesty quality.”
- Very Good/Recommended – Beverage Tasting Institute

Bottle Size: 750ml

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