The Hakushu Sherry Cask Single Malt Whiskey 2014 700ml


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As if carved straight from the stones and black moss crevices of Mount Kaikomagatake, this breathtaking offering of Suntory’s The Hakushu Sherry Cask single malt whiskey (2014) is an edition worthy of any true appreciator of Japanese blended liquor, full of a mixture of light and heavy peated malts for a vibrantly full-bodied expression. A lashing of herbaceous hues boundlessly enriches the sense from the very first waft – notes of peppermint over crushed pine needles and a blend of deep wood grasslands melt into a delicate dew of cucumber and sweet melon. The mouth is doused in further notes of herbs along with more boughs of refreshing mint leaves and pops of bright citrus zest for a full, soul-awakening experience. Suntory The Hakushu Sherry Cask single malt finishes this meandering of vibrant layers with a whisper of smoke that seems to outlast that once in a life time perfect sunset.

Bottled in 2014

Bottle Size: 700ml

Includes Box

Extremely Rare Vintage Collectors Item

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