Stagg Jr Bourbon Batch 14 130.2 Proof


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Brown sugar | Honey | Pecan | Maple | Thick oak | Beautifully rich


Dark brown sugar | Rich vanilla | Thick oak | Dark cherry | Apple | Thick & syrupy


Vanilla | Sugary oak | Dark chocolate | Light Maple | Ample heat | Rich & long lasting


Over the last few years, Stagg Jr. has been standing-in for its senior counterpart. As George T. Stagg struggles to reach the consistently high ratings it once did, Stagg Jr. has picked up its slack. In fact, we gave Stagg Jr.’s 2019 Batch 12 a stellar review, even naming it our Whiskey of the Year. A year later, Batch 14 reaches similar high marks, completely nailing what it means to be a “Stagg” bourbon. Once again it is steeped in brown sugar, rich vanilla, and thick oak, except this edition forgoes previous batches’ ample amounts of molasses and cherry notes. Instead, it introduces honey, pecan, and apple. It’s not lightyears different than recent batches, but with whiskey this good, I’ll gladly take what it's offering.  

Bottle Size: 750ml

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