Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Cask Strength Straight Whiskey


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Experience Pipe Dream straight from the barrel in this limited edition cask strength offering. Aged for a minimum of four years in the temperate climate of the Northern California coast, explore new heights of Redwood Empire’s craft. 116.8 PROOF

Established in 2015, we laid down our first grain to glass barrel. Originally embarking southeast and hand-picking older barrels, we now have the largest rick house in California. Aging along side our own growing inventory of distillate in the foggy mornings and temperate evenings in the region that inspired our name. Our distillery utilizes water from the nearby Russian River aquifer in combination with the best grains, many of which are from California. The result is consistently complex, and bold whiskey that is distinctly Redwood Empire.

Tasting notes:

Nose - Toffee, cherry, soft leather.

Color - Deep golden hue.

Palate - Cherry cola, honey, butterscotch, pecans.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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