Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond 16 Year


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Some bottles of bourbon are all about power, this is about subtle, elegant grace. The nose mixes fresh and dried fruit, with notes of dried apricots and apple peel, followed by caramel, nuts, and a faint whiff of toasted oak. The palate is similarly concentrated and complex. It has a butterscotch core, seasoned with (more) dried apples, raisins, vanilla, and black pepper. Each sip lasts an age and is an event by its own right.

  • INTRO:

    Distilled by Heaven Hill and bottled after 16 years of aging, this red label Old Fitzgerald is a limited edition, distillery only release.

  • NOSE:

    Fresh baked bread, toffee, praline, peanut brittle and honey. There's a good deal of oak here, but it's well integrated, not too overbearing on the nose, and adds some great toffee character to the bread-y and honey forward profile.

  • TASTE:

    Thick, rich, mouthfeel. Some heat, but it’s minimal. Oaky, but not dry or bitter. Plenty of toffee, light apple pie, some honey and faint honey roasted peanut. For 16 years, the oak character is complex and enticing without becoming overbearing.


    Long peanut butter cup finish, caramel, light berry fruitiness. The berry is interesting here, like blackberry jam, apple pie and caramel candies.


    Overall quite nice, excellently composed for the age. Proofed just right.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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