Old Carter Bourbon Batch 6 134.6 Proof


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Created: Bardstown, Kentucky

  • Straight American Whisky
  • Barrel Strength 
  • Distinctive Kentucky Specialty
Old Carter Straight American Whiskey Batch #6  offers a soft and flexible flavor. The slight sweetness on the palate makes it clean and gentle, making it perfect for drinking straight, mixing in cocktails, or creating a signature drink. Old Carter uses the essence of Straight Bourbon Whisky making it a memorable drinking experience true to those who appreciate the willingness that brings quality in every bottle.

Old Carter Straight American Whiskey Batch #6. is quiet a spirit that has been produced in Kentucky that features a range of good ol' aged whisky for about 12 years. Each Bottle contains a collection a flavor portfolio providing caramel, vanilla, and oak, notes. With memorable experiences this bottle shares a lot of tasting notes, discussing products mentioning distillery tours, offering gifts recommendations and even cocktail recipes. This is a focus on detail and quality, this Bourbon is a distinctive Kentucky specialty and d

Bottle Size: 750ml

Proof: 134.6

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