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This expression has enjoyed a triple maturation in 3 types of cask. The first maturation is American oak, ex-bourbon barrels. We then select the most suitable of these barrels, containing a range of different aged spirit and transfer into small 19th century style Quarter Casks for a second maturation. The final maturation is in specially selected large European oak, Oloroso Sherry casks. The world’s #1 selling Islay single malt Scotch whisky The most richly flavored of all Scotch whiskies Complex and unique flavor of Laphroaig due to our water, peat, and malted barley A complex expression--the result of a distinct triple maturation process in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, 19th century style quarter casks, and specially selected European oak Oloroso sherry casks The finish reveals the perfect marriage of peat, oak, and sherry notes Color: bright gold Nose: Gentle mixture of sweet raisins and apricots with a trace of earthy peat smoke, rounded out by hints of smooth nutty flavor Body: Powerful, yet slightly creamy consistency Palate

Bottle Size: 750ml

Includes White Tube

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