Idle Hands 5 Year Old, Heavy Rye Bourbon Bourbon 750ml

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Idle Hands is the most recent Dave Schmier release. Dave is the creator behind The DC Line(Senator, Ambassador, The Justice, Representative, etc), Tumblin Dice and Roulette Rye. Not to mention, Dave was also the creator behind the original Redemption Rye.Idle Hands was named after a now gone East Village Rock n' Roll, Beer Whiskey and Burger Bar.  Idle Hands had a great American Whiskey and Beer selection and no phony pretense, great place to explore beer and bourbon with friends and a great soundtrack. Dave worked with the former owner bar Rob Morton to blend 2 thirteen barrel batches of 5+ YO Bourbon.  Bourbon is all the same Heavy Rye mash bill used in Tumblin' Dice.  Indiana distilled - 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Barley.  Proof point range was selected to Rob's preference.

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