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Just off the beaten path, you'll discover locally grown hemp infused in a spirit that is undeniably True California. Our botanicals won't get you high, but they will lift your spirits with this unique liquid that drinks like a gin, but not. Made in small batches, Humboldt's Finest incorporates the fresh character of aromatic terpenes for a totally unique twist on botanical spirits. Try our local flavor with your favorite mixer for a bright, herbal, easy drinking escape from the commonplace. Legal in all 50 states.

  • Infused With Locally Grown Hemp
  • THC-Free And CBD-Free
  • Aromatic Terpenes Provide A Distinctive Fresh Herbal Character
  • Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

"A hemp-infused spirit full of aromatic terpenes, which is to say it’s earthy, herbal, and green—think matcha tea, lemongrass, and pine forest." -Men's Journal

Bottle Size: 750ml

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