Glenturret 10 Year Peat Smoked Scotch 2022


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Glenturret Distillery traces its legitimate history to 1763, but can trace the operation of an illicit distillery on the same grounds as far back as 1717, when its position in a valley walled in on either side by two lookout hills served it well to avoid the authorities. In recent yearts it has largely flown under the radar, and was primarily used as a key ingredient in The Famous Grouse Blended Scotch. In 2018 the distillery changed hands and the Single Malts were given a bit more love and attention, which let to a revamp of all of them, varying the expressions and upping the proof across the board, including this peated edition. 

Peat smoke has long drifted through Glenturret 's history. In years gone by, peat featured heavily in local distilling traditions. The distillery is in the rare position of producing peated and non-peated spirit at different times of the year from the same small stills. The result is an enveloping peaty smoke on the nose, followed by fresh citrus oils, stone fruit, vanilla, and a light hint of cardamom and clove spice. The palate is richly honeyed with smoky barbecued fruits, sea salt, fresh cereal grains, and heather. Bottled at 50% abv. 

N.B. - Glenturret is also famous as the home to Guinness world record mouser cat, Towser, legendary for her nearly 30,000 confirmed victims over her 24 years. 

Bottle Size: 750ml

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