Eagle Rare 17 Year Old 2022


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This rare bourbon ages in oak barrels for nearly two decades and is only available in small quantities once a year, every fall. Sip this polished, well-aged whiskey to appreciate why patience is such a virtue.

Tasting Notes: The fragrant aroma has almost a wine-like character with hints of almond, cigar boxes and cinnamon. The delicate and dry mid-palate tastes of leather, vanilla and tobacco. This bourbon lingers, finishing with hint of leather and toffee.One of the five bourbons included in the award winning Buffalo Trace Antique Collection.

, Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon is only released yearly in extremely small quantities. Smooth and sophisticated, this elegant bourbon ages for 17 years and through 17 hot Kentucky summers to result in an award winning (Best American Whiskey and Best Bourbon 13-20 years - World Whiskies Awards 2012) blend. If you love the smoothest of bouquets and finishes, this is definitely one to try.

Bottle Size: 750ml


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