Dos Artes x Mala Vida Calavera Limited Edition Extra Anejo 1L

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Mala Vida & Dos Artes come together to craft this unique collectors edition: Mala Vida Extra Añejo / Dos Artes Limited Edition Calavera.

Our tequila has been aged 50 months in American and French oak casks, poured in an exclusively decorated bottle by Dos Artes for Mala Vida. 2,150 ceramic bottles, numbered and painted by hand.
Each bottle has been signed by Alex Gonzalez and Alvaro Molina, their creators, a true work of art.
The Dos Artes Extra Anejo Tequila Skull Shaped Bottle is a collectors edition that could basically represent all types of tequila. It's exactly what you picture when you think about tequila beverages in general, with its smoothness, richness, and silky sweetness. Its vanilla notes give it some uniqueness, and it's overall a completely classic tequila beverage in every way.

The nose of this tequila is a one-of-a-kind mix of toasted agave, oak, and additional floral aroma of grass. Even though it is spicy, there is no but there is no alcohol burn even when you inhale deeply within the crown of the glass. The taste is of agave, toasted oak, and honey and at the mid palate, white pepper notes come about and its aftertaste is a sweet brown sugar taste.

Bottle Size: 1 Liter

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