Crown Royal Red Waterloo Edition Extra Rare Whisky


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Mouthwatering tendrils of caramel melted over baked pears and apples all rounded off by a cascade of rich toffee and bites of maple candy – if that doesn’t sound about as inviting as a one-time RSVP to the party of the century, we don’t know what does! All of that and more are captured in the unwaveringly gorgeous aroma and sublimely silken taste of Crown Royal Red Waterloo Edition XR Extra Rare Whisky. Launched in 2006, this first edition of the Crown Royal XR series features the last batch of matured whiskies sourced from Seagram's iconic Waterloo distillery. Add in the factor that this cherished masterpiece is no longer in production and you have an experience of a lifetime in every hard-to-find bottle! Bottled at 40% ABV, Crown Royal Red Waterloo Edition EX Extra Rare opens with aromatic notes of sweet toffee, baked pears, and caramel paired with a palate of maple syrup, honey, and warm spice.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Includes Red Luxury Display Box

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