Compass Box Peat Monster Cask Strength Scotch Whiskey 700ml


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Celebrating 20 years of The Peat Monster. As a twist for this latest version, they celebrate American coopers through a partial ‘finishing’ in very special barrels comprised of American white oak that has been air-dried for two years.

We originally created a peaty whisky called Monster for the Goldstein family at Park Avenue Liquor Shop in New York City, in 2003. It turned out to be so popular that we created a new batch, renamed it The Peat Monster and it joined our core range. The Peat Monster - like most Scotch whiskies – owes its maturation vessels to the US whisk(e)y industry and its practice of using casks only once.

Lead Whiskymakers: James Saxon & Alex Driver

To highlight the art of American coopering even further, we have finished part of the whisky used for this special Limited Edition in seasoned virgin American oak barrels, made for us in Missouri. You will notice an increased presence of vanilla and cinnamon notes compared to The Peat Monster you may be familiar with.

Wherever you enjoy your whisky, join us in toasting two decades of The Peat Monster and the close whiskymaking ties linking Scotland with America.

Bottle Size: 700ml

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