Clase Azul Reposado Tequila 20th Anniversary Limited Edition


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Clase Azul Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition is in a class all it's own. This tequila has a complex, refined flavor suitable for any occasion. It's filtered three times to ensure optimal smoothness. Made only with organic blue agave, Clase Azul Reposado is perfect for both connoisseurs and casual drinkers.

With only 7,300 bottles produced, The 20th anniversary reposado edition, crafted only from highland Blue Weber agave, underwent an extra maturation process in sherry cask from the south of Spain (one-third of which were Amontillado sherry casks, one-third were Oloroso sherry and the last third was from Pedro Ximénez sherry). This ultimately bolstered the roasted agave flavors of the spirit with caramel and spice. It's a stunning tequila with a taste profile rich and delicious.

Look at this as a collector's item or a tasty, make that very tasty tequila, Clase Azul’s Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition has all the attributes that appeal to connoisseurs. Clase Azul Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition, a well-produced, high-quality tequila.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Includes Luxury Display Bos

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