Booker’s Bardstown Batch 2021-03 Bourbon


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Booker's Bardstown Batch Batch No. 2021-03 is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged 6 years in the deepest barrels of the warehouse. The handcrafted aging process in these very small barrels creates an exceptionally rich, bold and flavorful spirit that can only be described as "Booker's."

Booker's Barrel Proof Batch No. 2021-03 Straight Bourbon Whiskey starts with a bold, true flavor and finishes long and smooth. The proof is exactly what you would expect from Booker's: much higher than most premium bourbons. Booker's is hand bottled at barrel strength without added water or color improving additives. When tasted side by side with other bourbons, the difference was clear: an intense burst of rich flavors that linger on the palate.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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