Blanton's La Maison du Whisky Single Barrel 2020 700ml


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Profile: the elegant first nose is like a raspberry brandy. Very floral (violet) and mineral (slate), it becomes grainy (rye, malted barley, maize), jammy (marmalade) and nobly woody (beeswax). Gradually, maize takes centre-stage. The sharp attack reveals an incredibly pure distillate, coconut milk, citrus fruit zest and dark chocolate. On the mid-palate, maize takes the upper hand again. The end of the palate is vegetal (pipe tobacco) and herbaceous (chervil). The assertive start of the finish is magnificently fruity (blackcurrant, bramble, white grape, clementine). The very end of the palate is praline, roasted and honeyed (rose). Red fruits (raspberry, strawberry) embellish the retro-nasal olfaction.

 Bottle Size: 700ml

*Red Display Box is Included*

In the winter of 1881, Albert Bacon Blanton was born on a farm situated just outside of Frankfort, Kentucky. At the age of 16, Blanton began working at the Old Fire Copper Distillery (often abbreviated O.F.C. Distillery) as an office boy. Over the next few years, Blanton reportedly worked in every department at the distillery. By the age of 20, he was appointed the superintendent of O.F.C, and worked there until his retirement in 1952.

Much like his mentor, E.H. Taylor, Blanton was a traditional bourbon aristocrat, wedded to the production of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Blanton identified a certain section of Warehouse H at his distillery, which he believed was the best for aging bourbon, and would personally select individual barrels from the section to bottle for his own private reserve.

Today, Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey is still aged in the same section of Warehouse H as Blanton's Private Reserve was over 50 years ago. Made from the high-rye Buffalo Trace mash bill of corn, rye, and malted barley.

Blanton’s is a bourbon whiskey which is produced and marketed by the Sazerac Company. It is distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The Blanton’s brand was launched in 1984 under the guidance of the distillery’s master distiller Elmer T. Lee, as the first modern bourbon marketed as a single barrel bourbon. The original brand name was “Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.” The barrels are dumped by hand without using machinery. There are eight different stopper designs, each with a different letter of the alphabet molded into it and topped with a figurine of a racehorse and jockey. When placed in order, spelling “B L A N T O N’ S”, the horse and jockey’s poses display eight different scenes of a horse race, from standing at the gate, to crossing the finish line with a win. 

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