Blanton’s Blue Label 2019 Poland Edition Bourbon


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A limited-edition annual release reserved exclusively for the Polish retail market, Blanton's 'Blue Label' 2019 Poland Edition Single Barrel Bourbon is one of the rarest, most sought after bourbon whiskeys in circulation, and one of Blanton's most visually appealing labels. Bottled at a higher proof than the standard Original Single Barrel, the 2019 Poland Edition weighs in at a slightly punchier 98 proof, bringing additional depth and complexity to the iconically smooth and subtle flavors of Blanton's flagship bourbon. A truly remarkable collector's item and a bottle that deserves a place as a centerpiece at the pinnacle of any top-shelf, Blanton's 2019 Poland Edition is essential for fans of Blanton's and lovers of limited edition bourbon whiskey.

Due to Blanton’s Wax Seal Design. There is a possibility of leakage during transit and/or wax damage. O.L. Insurance WILL ONLY PROVIDE A PARTIAL STORE CREDIT BASED UPON THE VOLUME OF LEAKAGE OR DAMAGE AT OUR DISCRETION. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE OFFERED.  

*Some Bottles do not come with a box*

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