Barrell American Vatted Malt Whiskey


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In 2019, Barrell partnered with small and large producers across the United States to select malt whiskeys that express the full diversity of American terroir and style. The resulting blend was the first to showcase the growing category of American single malt in this way. American Vatted Malt is an homage to the old Scottish category of vatted malt, which was once the preferred nomenclature to describe a blended whisky made entirely from single malts.

This blend was a challenging one technically, as it brought together a variety of unique components. We strived to balance the distinctive tang of Southwestern mesquite smoke with the sweet and creamy maltiness of malted barley, and to contrast briny coastal peat with the warm vanilla character of toasted oak. The resulting blend is complex and multi-faceted, rewarding the drinker with unfolding layers of flavor.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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